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a cat dressed up as a star wars character holding a light saber in its paws
Ginger Cat Dressed as a Star Wars Jedi Character, Blue Light Saber
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Cowboy Cat
a cat wearing a cowboy hat and holding a beer in its hand while sitting at a table
a painting of a cat dressed in armor and holding a stick with its paw up
Centurion Purrlinus.
One-of-a-kind digital image of a cat dressed as a Roman centurion.
a cat dressed up like a pirate
Chapoleon. Cat in Napoleonic costume. Collectible plush
Chapoléon, is a collectible plush toy. It is a unique model entirely made by hand. The cat is made of white and gray alpaca wool, it measures 36 cm without its hat. Chapoléon is articulated at the legs and head, the padding is polyester wadding. He wears a Napoleon costume in silk and cotton, as well as a feathered bicorne. This charming companion will delight a collector.
a cat wearing a hat and coat with fur on it's head is looking at the camera
a cat wearing a hat and scarf walking through the grass with sheep in the background
a cat wearing a hat and coat in the snow