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My third MunchPak! I love this subscription box, they send out snacks from all over the globe. What are your fave munchies? Snack Recipes, Snacks, Gluten Free Treats, Some Recipe, Eating Well, Pop Tarts, Third, Globe, Food And Drink

PRODUCT REVIEW: MUNCHPAK #3 - boy who blogs | canadian male blogger

MunchPak, I love you! If you have been following the blog for a few years now, you might remember this subscription box. I’ve reviewed their box three times and love it. It’s so cool seeing the advancements they have made. Their delivery time has gotten much better & their packaging is so cute! This MunchPakhad items from Brazil, Spain, Japan, Israel, Turkey and Mexico. My favourite item was the Gummi Snowmen candy. These gluten free treats were strawberry & apply flavours, coated in sugar…

[ad] I partnered with Burnbrae Farms to bring some promotion to their #eggs2go products. Read this blog for more ideas on healthy snacks to eat on the go, perfect for a busy season! Healthy Snack Options, Healthy Snacks, Healthy Recipes, Pretzel Chips, Garlic Hummus, Homemade Hummus, Hummus Recipe, Some Recipe, Food Preparation

Healthy Snack Ideas on the Go with Burnbrae Farms [AD] - boy who blogs | canadian male blogger

I am always eating on the go! Fast food, prepared meals, you name it. Convenience over everything at this point in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook dinners but when it’s just me and I’m on the go, it’s nice to have some go to snacks to tide me over until I am home and able to cook myself a nice, healthy meal. I’ve put together some healthier snack options that you might like. 1. Beef jerky + pepperettesIf you know me, you probably expected to see this at the top. I’m a sucker for…

Cake pops and adult lollipops by The Social Pops. Brand highlight with Cobourg business owner. Pop Up Market, Some Recipe, Lollipops, Cake Pops, Highlights, Drink, Business, Gifts, Handmade

BRAND HIGHLIGHT: THE SOCIAL POPS - boy who blogs | canadian male blogger

If you’re a local Instagram user, you have probably heard of The Social Pops. Shannon is the owner & founder of The Social Pops which is based in Cobourg. The Social Pops create fresh, colourful and elevated treats but this lady is a powerhouse girlpreneur! Shannon does a ton of custom orders, pop-up markets all while experimenting with new recipes and handling all of the workload from sourcing supplies to participating in local events & more. Lately, I’ve had the chance to work with Shannon…

Harvest Dinner at Durham College's Bistro Field to fork meal. Durham College, Harvest Season, Big Meals, Smoking Meat, Some Recipe, Craft Beer, Fork, Food And Drink

EXPERIENCE: HARVEST DINNER AT BISTRO '67 - boy who blogs | canadian male blogger

Guys! I attended my first ever blogger event! I have been invited to a couple but this is the first one I could finally make. Last night was the fourth year that students and faculty at Durham College unite together and prepare their wonderful Harvest Dinner. Before dinner, about 150+ of us were outside enjoying the autumn weather while listening to live music, sampling wine and craft beer. Guests were picking away at hors d’oeuvres including crostini, smoked meat, cheese and veggies that…

A review of Rolling Grape wine from a local vineyard. Red wine anyone? Grape Vineyard, Living Vintage, Wine Wednesday, Garden Living, Scandinavian Living, Tasting Room, Some Recipe, Nordic Style, Plant Decor

Brand Highlight: Rolling Grape Vineyard - boy who blogs | canadian male blogger

If you haven’t heard of Rolling Grape yet, it’s okay.. the ball (or grape!) is just starting to roll! The new vineyard opened up earlier this year and is located just 20 minutes South of Peterborough in Bailieboro. It was a pleasure working with Jon, the owner and winemaker at Rolling Grape and my team at Brand Ambition to create this new brand. Our team developed a strong visual brand and website for Rolling Grape which really compliments their product and location. Recently, Jon brought a…

I am such a sweet tooth! Crave sugar habits with low sugar candy from Smart Sweets. I'm team sour over sweets. ;) Full review here. Effects Of Sugar, Sugar Effect, Smart Snacks, Sugar Candy, Sugar Cravings, Gummy Bears, Some Recipe, Low Sugar, Candy Recipes

review: smartsweets - boy who blogs | canadian male blogger

This is a killer product and a fascinating brand! Tara, the 23-year-old founder, started her mission to kick sugar by crafting gummy candy recipes at home in Western Canada. Tara was seeing the negative effects of sugar effecting her health. After testing recipe after recipe, Tara was finally able to come up with the first candy that we can feel guilt-free about eating! As someone who eats way too much sugar and has little to no self-control, I can relate. Some of my weaknesses include…

Thirsty Buddha Brands: A review of their pineapple sparkling coconut water! Pineapple Coconut, Coconut Water, Carbonated Drinks, Some Recipe, Vegan Friendly, Eating Well, Rum, Watermelon, Buddha

review: thirsty buddha pineapple coconut water - boy who blogs | canadian male blogger

It’s summertime, friends! And as you may know, Canadian summers are freakin’ hot! It’s important to stay hydrated while you are out adventuring, chilling on the beach or just hanging out in the sun in your backyard. Buddha Brands is a company that creates some really neat drinks & snacks. Their coconut-based products make it easy to ass some coconut love to your diet. They even have coconut vinegar and coconut nectar available. I sampled the Thirsty Buddha pineapple coconut water and really…

Try this super easy and healthy spicy cauliflower side dish! Buffalo cauliflower never tasted so good. Cauliflower Side Dish, Spicy Cauliflower, Head Of Cauliflower, Buffalo Cauliflower, Beer Batter, Cooking For One, Some Recipe, Best Appetizers, Ranch Dressing

cooking for one // spicy cauliflower - boy who blogs | canadian male blogger

Oh boy! Cauliflower is the new potato, friends. One of the best appetizers I have had is a Buffalo Cauliflower dish. It was beer battered cauliflower tossed in buffalo sauce and served with a dill ranch dressing for dipping. Since it was deep fried, it wasn’t the healthiest of options. However, I have a tasty side dish for you that is very similar and doesn’t involve batter or a deep fryer! If you love hot sauce, you need to make this. Did I mention this is going to be super easy and quick…

A couple beef dinner ideas: meat balls and honey garlic beef. See the blog for more details! Veggie Meatballs, Beef Strips, Honey Garlic Sauce, Minced Onion, Cooking For One, Chinese Restaurant, Some Recipe, Fajitas, Dinner Plates

cooking for one // two quick beef dinner ideas - boy who blogs | canadian male blogger

I love myself some red meat. Funny because I was also a vegetarian for a year and a bit in my early teens. That is probably why I still look 14, I think I lacked the protein and nutrition I needed to grow into a big burly man. Anyways, grill me a t-bone steak and let’s get it. So yes, I do like my beef. Yes, I love my BBQ and do use it year round. But these beef dinner ideas are sure to make your dinner an easy one. Both are good on their own – or can be used to create something else. Honey…

 No egg required, panko crusted with dijon mustard. Homemade Chicken Fingers, Healthy Chicken Fingers, Healthy Soup, Healthy Foods To Eat, Healthy Recipes, Nutrition Program, Kids Nutrition, Chicken Batter, Food System

cooking for one // chicken fingers - boy who blogs | canadian male blogger

I love cooking. I have been crafting my culinary skills since I was a little kid. I would help my parents out in the kitchen as much as I could growing up. In high school I took the food and nutrition class offered through the school. I also peer-helped in the food and nutrition class the year after I completed it. My favourite take away from this course was the recipe book we created. It included all the recipes we made through out the school year. Fast forward several years later and I am…

No bake, banana energy bites! Super easy and made with limited ingredients. Banana Energy, Cooking For One, One Banana, How To Double A Recipe, Energy Balls, Few Ingredients, Some Recipe, Easy Snacks, Bite Size

cooking for one // banana energy balls - boy who blogs | canadian male blogger

So, this isn’t really cooking but it is good food; so hey. This is actually a really simple recipe, I just kind of put a few ingredients together and hoped for the best. Luckily, they did turn out okay. There were no measurements, I just kind of eyed it out as per usual. Sorry if you hate that – it just works for me. These bite size treats are a nice little snack but they also made for a tasty treat after dinner. Really I just mixed a few simple ingredients together and then let them get…

Pulled pork nachos, worth talking about! Don't skip out on the pineapple. Cooking For One, Fun Cooking, How To Make Nachos, Pulled Pork Nachos, Making Pulled Pork, Work Meals, Frozen Pineapple, Fresh Salsa, Some Recipe

cooking for one // pulled pork nachos - boy who blogs | canadian male blogger

Living alone is great at times. The privacy, the freedom to watch TV in the living room when you want, and being able to leave your dishes wherever – for however long you want are key. Although, being as loud as I want and being able to sleep in without hearing someone else in the next room over are probably my favourite. The downside of living alone is that I am typically only cooking for one. Cooking for myself only results in wasting more food, having too many leftovers and putting a lot…

Super foods to pick up next time you go to get groceries. Salty Snacks, Quick Snacks, Eating Fast, Eating Well, Filled Candy, Super Foods, Folic Acid, Matcha Green Tea, Some Recipe

superfoods to grab next grocery shop - boy who blogs | canadian male blogger

You’ve heard the saying, you are what you eat. The older I get, the more care I have about what I’m filling up on. Over the last few months I have been trying to cut out a lot of junk including eating fast food, sugary drinks, salty snacks and sugar-filled candy. I have and will always have a sweet tooth so fitting the urge to devour three chocolate bars, a bowl of ice cream or bag of candy from Bulk Barn kind of sucks. I’ve found some “super foods” that are delicious and healthy for you to…

Use up your avocado! Quick guacamole recipe for a snack. Healthy idea, making guac with your ripe avocados Quick Guacamole Recipe, How To Make Guacamole, Fresh Avocado, Ripe Avocado, Cooking For One, Cooking Time, Chunky Salsa, Some Recipe, Eating Well

cooking for one // easy guacamole - boy who blogs | canadian male blogger

I like avocados but I don’t love them like some people do, or at least how some people pretend to. I think the love for avocado is a bit of a trend but at least the fruit is a healthy one. Yes, you read that right.. avocados are considered a fruit and not a veggie! Making guacamole the easy way is well.. quick and easy! One avocado will make enough for two people to snack on. Cut the skin and remember that there will be a pit in the middle, so cut around this. Twist the two halves in…

No cooking party app. A meat and cheese board to die for! Cooking App, Meat And Cheese, Cheese Ball, Some Recipe, Charcuterie, Eating Well, Grocery Store, Spice Things Up, Food And Drink

no cooking kick ass party app - boy who blogs | canadian male blogger

Last week I went to my first holiday party of the season. So I think it’s safe to say the holidays are finally here. After all, Remembrance Day has passed and we’ve had our first little snow fall of the soon to be winter season. Food is certainly something our culture has incorporated into the holiday season. You may have a turkey dinner, or a couple turkey dinners coming up. Maybe you’re just attending a pot luck. Either way, this no cook app should be your go to whether you are hosting, or…

Taco Tuesday fun, creating southwest tacos! Head Of Lettuce, Shredded Carrot, Frozen Corn, Cooking For One, Some Recipe, Taco Tuesday, Ranch Dressing, Tacos, Food And Drink

cooking for one // southwest tacos - boy who blogs | canadian male blogger

It’s taco tuesday! And if you haven’t tried corn tortillas, today is the day to pick them up from the grocery store. I buy the smaller sized tortillas and put three right on the rack in the oven to get them a little bit crunchy before dressing them up with all the fixings for a tasty dinner idea. I’ve also just put the tortillas on a frying pan as is and let them get that same crunch. These tacos are a nice change from traditional tacos with beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato and your seasoning…