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Ringette penalties is a little different then hockey check them out here!

Ringette - great game, great sport.

Definitely stole a shirt like this from some Quebec girls at nationals laaawwwllll


Don't like it, don't think i'ts good enough for a girl, I chose it and I am proud of it.

SHOUTOUT to all the dedicated Ringette Players

was so nice to get out and play my first Ringette game in over two years, haven't had the opportunity to play cause of school and work and growing up finances.

Ringette stick and ring.   50 years strong

My favorite hobbie is ringette, i've been playing it for about 8 years. Ringette is a lot like hockey except for certain rules and that it is played with a ring and bladeless stick instead of a puck and hockey stick.

Is ringette hard? Yes would be the correct answer to that question.

is ringette hard? i play and i usually come off the ice like a tomato but, usually thats the case with all sports i do.

Ringette is my life..

at the rink is where my heart truely lies, although i really do think running is where my heart actually is. i think it depends on the weather!

RingetteGrlProbs I don't know how many time I accidentally did this!

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