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Pivot Power Mini, Wall Plug/USB Combo

ThinkGeek :: Pivot Power Mini - Wall Plug/USB Combo - Plug four things into one outlet. Two adapters and two USB devices. Folds up for travel.

Useless Box Kit

The Most Useless Machine Kit turns itself off when you turn it on. This is a full bundle to build your own, so you still have to supply your own tape, batteries

Mini Microscope For iPhone

Mini Microscope For iPhone - The Mini Microscope for iPhone transforms the smartphone into a mini microscope capable of magnification. Attach the Mini Microscope to the camera lens of your iPhone 4 or and you can zoom in on just about anything.

Spinnaker Bluetooth Speaker System

There is no doubt that the future of speakers is wireless, bluetooth in particular. These Edifier Spinnaker Bluetooth Speakers come in a stunning horn-shap

Muscle Wire Demo Spring contracts when warm

Muscle Wire Demo Spring contracts when warm

Digital Protractor measures angles with more accuracy

Digital Protractor measures angles with more accuracy. (and please ignore the fact that the user answered even though it clearly asks for the nearest degree.

Jellyfish2 Color Lamp

is an electronic glowing jellyfish lamp that can illuminate in over 16 million colors. Set your Jellyfish Lamp to whatever color you like or put it in Flow Color mode for an ever-shifting display.

Camera Lens Stainless Steel Travel Mug

The camera lens thermos is a thermos that looks just like a DSLR camera lens and is a perfect gift idea for a photographer, assuming you haven't already gotten them the Camera Lens Coffee Mug, the Cam.