Bahahaha @lilyslibrary

I am starting to think I will never be old enough to know better. This is my life.

its not only hollywood who says this is right but liberals in general. their minds are as twisted as the cyrus is in deeds.

From suspicious wardrobe malfunctions to bizarre twerking incidents during highly publicized events and yet the bottom picture receives criticism. Such a shame. Amen to this!


"Yeah, your sport is probably tougher than ours." A little Ice Hockey Humor to brighten your day.

Either you like Hockey or you are wrong!

Ur more important then any hockey game baby. I will leave here early just to talk to u. <--- previous pinner, haha not a real fan!

i love hockey players...

The most awesome images on the Internet

i love hockey players. Football and hockey are the only two sports that dont have cry babys