Emily Carr

Emily Carr The eccentric Canadian artist sits on a stool on the beach near Victoria, working on one of her beloved totem pole paintings.

emily carr

Emily Carr - "Woods Interior" this one seriously reminds me of that cave-like house design I dig. Makes me wonder if the architect might have been insiried by this painting.

'Forest, British Columbia' - oil diluted with gasoline,1932 by Emily Carr i dont know why...if im look in this pic..i become sad

Emily Carr, Forest, British Columbia, 1931 - oil on canvas (Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery)

Emily Carr Canadian (1871-1945), contemporary of the Group of Seven - Among the Firs, ca.1931

Emily Carr: "Among the Firs" 1931 Emily Carr was a Canadian painter who painted incredible landscapes of the west coast of BC.

Emily Carr...

Carr, Emily Blue Sky, 1936 Oil on canvas cm x 65 cm The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

Emily Carr - Biography of a Canadian Artist - Art History Archive

Zunoqua of the Cat Village : Emily Carr : Cubism : landscape - Oil Painting Reproductions