Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow

A plane that exceeded all expectations. The program was mysteriously cancelled by the Canadian government and all aircraft were destroyed.

Rare photo of Canada's CF-105 Avro Arrow

Rare photo of Avro Arrow

Rare photo of Avro Arrow, prototype Canadian war jet from the

CF-105 Avro Arrow Sept 9,2012- The Harper Conservatives quietly dismissed a Canadian company's plan for an alternative to the plagued F-35 program. The alternative aircraft can fly 20,000 feet higher than the F-35, soar twice as fast and will cost less. The jet in question is the storied CF-105 Avro Arrow - the project designed, produced & tested more than half a century ago, before the government suddenly cancelled the program & ordered all data destroyed, sparking an enduring political…

Avro Arrow Sept 2012 - The Harper Conservatives quietly dismissed a…

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Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow RL204 ca1958

A delta-winged interceptor aircraft that was the pride of Avro and Canada. Introduced on 4 October It may have been capable of Mach Mysteriously cancelled 20 February 1959 under much controversy and put Avro out of business.


The cancelled Avro Canada Arrow, Canada’s first and only indigenous supersonic interceptor.