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Whole Brain Profiling…..It’s What I Do! Discover Yourself, Brain, Hate, My Love, The Brain

Whole Brain Profiling…..It’s What I Do!

I love what I do, I really do! I am fortunate & bold to be able to say that. I know, because I meet with & am around a lot of people, sadly too many, who can not say the same. Too many are going to jobs they hate, or are busy doing stuff they…

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“Only Time Will Tell”

It was the summer of.......'83! Yeah I know, the song refers to the summer of '69 but I graduated high school in 1983! I realized the other day that it was 30 years ago this June and just as our theme song said, "Only time will tell"......For me the importance is not who did what…

Reasons why it may or may not be working for you. Discover Yourself, Work On Yourself, Cooking Timer, Fitness Diet, Workout Programs, Healthy Lifestyle, Kitchen Scales, Diet Exercise, Training Programs

Diet & Exercise….Reasons why it may or may not be working for you.

Ever wonder why you don't stick to a diet or exercise program yet others do? The whole brain approach is probably what you need! It is so interesting for me to observe myself and others when it comes to living a healthy & exercise is what I am referring to. Some of us start…

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Why The Whole Brain Profile Instrument?

Why brain profiling as compared to other profiling tools you ask? I am a firm believer in using tools. Bakers use them, carpenters do, let alone mechanics and hairstylists, just to name a few. Tools are a necessity. It is no different when navigating through this beautiful game called Life! We need to use the…

Fearless Confidence Discover Yourself, Thats Not My, Confidence, Take That, The Incredibles, Self Confidence

Fearless Confidence

I have the joy and incredible privilege of being a grandma! As shocking at times as it is for realize I have arrived at this phase of life, I guess I should give myself my own advise and take that "reality pill!" It is a glorious matter to be a grandma or "mama" as…

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The Art of Credibility

Have you ever had promises made to you? By your parents or another significant person in your life? I'm sure you have just as I have. It's amazing how promises made and kept affect us! Most assuredly, promises made and broken do have an affect on us as well. I remember as a child the…

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Failure should be a Stimulant

I do enjoy a variety of stimulants. I begin each day with one.....a black Americano! I love exhilarating rides like roller coasters and anything that takes my breath away. I enjoy movies that are stimulating and get my blood flowing in the way of suspense and thrillers! I love an engaging and stimulating conversation. I…

Celebration & Hope Filled Mindsets Western Uni, Celebration

Celebration & Hope Filled Mindsets

Celebration & Hope Filled Mindsets

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Living With…..My Buddies!

As a child I loved pets! Seriously loved pets and lots of them all at once! At one time I had 11 pets not including my tank of guppies, gold fishies and turtles. My mother deserves an award, hands down, the most tolerable mom on the planet in regards to her R2 daughter's brain. Besides…

Kristen Olynick Re: Discovery Your Brilliance Love Pet, My Love, My Buddy, Discover Yourself, Discovery, Live, Blog, Blogging

Kristen Olynick Re: Discovery Your Brilliance

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