The Little Pine by Emily Carr

Emily Carr Canadian Painter 1871 AD - 1945 AD, Canadian Group of Seven

☼ Painterly Landscape Escape ☼ landscape painting by Emily Carr, Forest (Tree Trunks), c.

She's a Canadian icon, but her career didn't take off until she was 57 years old. Hear how CBC Radio remembered the life of Emily Carr, one of art's most loved late-bloomers, on this day in 1963.

How Emily Carr showed the world it's never too late for a career in art

Art Now and Then: Emily Carr

Above the Gravel Pit, 1936 by Emily Carr. Carr was born in British Columbia, and is one of Canada's most renown artists. She is well known for her totem paintings and rain forests,landscape works, and amazing spiritual paintings of trees

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