Avec un gros nez par Alain Le Lait--he has several other videos on youtube

Children will have fun as they learn vowel sounds with our popular action, nursery rhyme song. Apples and Bananas is from the CD, Nursery Rhymes with The Lea.

This channel has tons of cute French songs for children

One of 93 videos on this You-tube channel of French nursery rhymes, mostly traditional, with lyrics highlighted karaoke-style, as the words are sung.

Avec un gros nez - alain le lait - bruits d'animaux

It's a really cute video to teach animal vocabulary in FRENCH and get the kids to sing along

Il neige. Un vent d'hiver souffle sur une chaumière habitée par une famille d'ours en peluche. Un petit ourson, Ludovic, rêve d'aller glisser dehors avec des amis. Hélas, ...

One of the most unintentionally creepiest child videos I've ever seen. Perhaps Canadian.