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Sabrina Russell

Sabrina Russell
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lost red blood quote depressed depression sad quotes pain hurt Teen self harm cutting cuts lies sadness worthless please help

Remember when dan and phil were born and the world got weirder

Remember when dan and phil were born and the world got weirder<< remember when dan and Phil met and the world started crafting because they won't FRICKIN MAKE OUT

sorry that you dont want me

dear mom, i'm sorry i couldn't make you any prouder of me. i'm sorry i didn't turn out the way you wanted me to be. i'm sorry that i'm a disappointment to you.

Yes this would be amazing....

741741 Its a text crisis hotline. They will listen without interrupting. Ive used it before and would totally recommend using this to your advantage if you ever feel the need to talk to someone !


But Phil has seen dan naked in the how not to stay cool video on dans channel

*silently cries*

stab me with a spork, it would hurt less (but it's a good kind of pain)

This is high key really cool creds to gomanydisorders // do something drastic // // anna aquino //