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FMA- when i was your age by on @deviantART ---- haha, no pressure.

Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood's Edward Elric talking about his adventures to his son.

Solrock + Lunatone by on @deviantART

These are my Solrock and Lunatone. My Lunatone is named Lunar while my Solrock is named Sundial. Sundial is quirky and a Level Lunar is modest and a Level 17 too.

Do you know what your yoga mat is made of? Make sure your yoga mat is organic and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Check out our brand new 100% TPE Eco-Friendly, Non-Slip, Anti-Bacterial Yoga Mat! ~Namaste Nation Yoga~

Only have 10 minutes? Start seated in Sukhasana (Easy Pose), placing both palms over your heart, connecting with awareness and compassion. Find a rhythmic breath. After a few minutes of centering, remain seated and move through a sidebend and twist on eac