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They Do Things A Little Different In Canada – 22 Pics @Tom John John John John Kennedy Chose

They Do Things A Little Different In Canada – 22 Pics Tom John John John John Kennedy Chose

Proud to be a Canadian

Keep Calm and love Canada. Sometimes I wish I were a Canadian. ^^^ this was the original caption. I always wish I was Canadian! <<< I am a proud Canadian, and I love this country! "The true north strong and free.

<3 being Canadian!!!

Welcome to Canada

Welcome to Canada, where we don't care who you marry so long as you both watch hockey.If you are calling Canada and all lines are busy, we are watching the hockey game. Call us back later.

Canadian maple leaf artwork

On February the red maple leaf flag was inaugurated as the National Flag of Canada. The maple leaf is a national symbol found on our currency, military insignia & sports teams' uniforms.

Made in Canada, yup I was!!!

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Canadian C.S.I.

Canadian C.S.I.

Another Canadian joke. BUT WAIT - Does this actually happen? I really don't think Canadians say "aboot" - at least not in Toronto LOL.


The Canadian national anthem along with the maple leaf, a major Canadian symbol, are the pride of Canada, inspiring patriotism in Canadian citizens.


Canada Day Printables - gorgeous subway art poster of line from national anthem…


Canadians (proper noun) - Americans who dodged the draft and were too cowardly to fight for freedom during the American revolution. Don't mess with me canadians!

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