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Brittany Douglas
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I must admit to being a Grammar Nazi from a very young age. I drove my family nuts because I constantly corrected any and all poor use of grammar. Double negatives were my worst pet peeve of them all!

Dark Chocolate-Raspberry Banana Bread - yum! More delicious banana bread recipes:

Dark Chocolate-Raspberry Banana Bread Recipe Dazzle guests with our company-worthy banana bread. It's made with swirls of raspberry and chunks of chocolate. Then it's topped with an additional drizzle of melted chocolate and raspberry preserves.

Chocolate Banana Bread with marshmallow bits

Chocolate Banana Bread--I couldn't find Marshmallow Bits, so I just threw in a bag of mini marshmallows. The marshmallows disappeared, but what they left behind is super yummy! I threw in some milk chocolate chips as well