Brooke LaFayette

Brooke LaFayette

**I Follow Back ** / Hi guys! I am a huge fan of bands (5sosfam & directioner❤️) I also like tv shows a lot, YouTube & Disney :) I follow back :)
Brooke LaFayette
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Rhett and Link

Rhett Mclaughlin (a. The Cockatrice)

Love Rhett and Link

Love Rhett and Link! I love rhetts expression XD

Oh Rhett and Link, I don't think they will ever not make me laugh to tears. ^_^ THIS is both of my biggest current fandoms put together. Could it get better? no, I don't think so

This is what happens when Rhett and Link meet Doctor Who

Rhett and Link (

Rhett and link aka Rhett and link this dynamic duo makes your day with there morning talk show good mythical morning and the make you laugh your socks off with there parodies

Link hates when that happens.  (from Rhett and Link's GMM)

Link hates when that happens. (from Rhett and Link's GMM)

Rhett and Link, they arent exactly musicians.... but they still sing on occasion...

I'm watching the GMM and il fangirling Rhett's button on his shirt popped(sorta kinda) they had flashbacks Rhett are beans in less than a minute:) you have to love Rhett and link

Rhett and Link working

Rhett and Link working. Their desks actually DO face each other.