This is just for general information about where French is spoken in the world.

French Food Vocabulary Worksheet

French Food Vocabulary

First Grade French Foreign Language Worksheets: French Food Vocabulary, 10 worksheets a month for free See if I remember any of my high school French .

Francophonie: sur le site "In Terre Actif" il y a une série de 10 fiches pédagogiques avec des infos sur le pays abordé, un glossaire, des photos, des cartes géographiques, des jeux etc. Obs.: elles ont été actualisées au printemps de 2013.

This image provides students with information on another French speaking country.

6 pages of Alphabet Review Worksheets  - Great for Kindergarten & First Grade

Great for back to school! You can evaluate your first graders and they can have refresher in the alphabet! No prep needed! Match Capital and Lowercase letters Write Capital Letters Write the letter that comes after Stamp the lowercase letters

Many french reading and writing worksheets. Also many great worksheets in english that could easily be turned into french worksheets and activities!

Learning French or any other foreign language require methodology, perseverance and love.

BOGGLE (French BOGGLE worksheet)

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This is a bundle of 8 French booklets to help your students learn French. Each booklet includes vocabulary sheets with pronunciation, worksheets and games.

This is a bundle of 8 French Booklets to help your students learn French. Included are: Colors in French, Numbers in French, Polite Phrases i.

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Calendar - Match the French Words to the English Words: A printout about calendar words for early readers. Words: the four seasons, the twelve months, and seven days of the week.