- Most people start with the soft metrics because they’re easy. The metrics that matter even more though, are those that track the impact of your investment on your growth, pipeline, sales and bottom line.

It seems every week we see a different Hollywood celeb who has undergone a dramatic weight loss transformation seemingly overnight. - Building an A-Level company starts with YOU. So take your time. Be methodical. Listen to your instincts. Invest in your development and the process. As the owner, no one stands to benefit more than you.

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Unfortunately, when you just get by, you can’t possibly win. Because in order to HAVE IT ALL, (money, time off, more help, freedom), you have to GIVE IT YOUR ALL.

If you're a beginner runner or running a race for the first time, this half marathon training schedule gives you a full fitness calendar that will guide you in how to train for a half marathon while helping you tone and strengthen your body. - Playing small sucks. And the worst part is when you do, not only are you showing others it’s okay to do the same, but you’re leaving money on the proverbial table. Today’s article outlines the symptoms and gives you a few simple steps to get back on the right track.

Highly Stressed People Who Eat High-fat, High-sugar Food More Prone to Health Risks - Working with business owners gives me a front row seat to common, costly, avoidable mistakes they make on their way to the top. That’s why I’m sharing 4 of the most common mistakes…and what you can do to work around (or avoid!) them entirely.

It seems every week we see a different Hollywood celeb who has undergone a dramatic weight loss transformation seemingly overnight. - Millions of business owners run around distracted and overwhelmed by all of their to-dos. And they’re still not making the money they know they deserve. That’s why today I’m sharing 3 sure-fire ways to make more moolah in your business – so you can start adding $$$ to your bottom line immediately.

How to invest your tax refund -- toward retirement, to pay down debt, or just to boost their savings. Income tax tips, tax return tips - Before you “go after” someone with a seething email, a nasty voicemail or a hateful eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation…WAIT. Here’s why

How you treat those above you also sets the example to your subordinates - What Do You Do When You Have a Toxic Boss: Part 1 - Rather than a way to generate outright profit, deal sites give you access to thousands of users who could be potential clients. But beware; many people who purchase offers on deal sites are simply price-sensitive bargain hunters who WON’T buy from you again.

Groupon: Sound Investment or Risky Business? Mechanism is very important, think carefully before you go for it. - Striving for perfection is a slippery slope. While it's super important to be professional in your approach, (after one wants to hire an amateur), there are a zillion reasons to be imperfect. Here are my top three.

What should do if your employee thinks they are perfect, but you don’t? Two Ways to Address “Perfect Employee Syndrome”