B.C. Earthquake Will Rip Open Vancouver Island Like A Zipper

Pachena Bay on Vancouver Island is the picturesque beach that scientists forecast as an epicentre for

McDonald's French Fries Are Made With 19 Ingredients

McDonalds reveals the secret behind french fries:McDonalds owns up to all of the crazy ingredients in their iconic fries in a new video

Stop Asking Me Where I'm From

I've found that nothing good ever happens when I'm the least white person in the room, and I'm pretty white. With largely Eastern European heritage, I'm more of a toasted-marshmallow colour, but still.

Alberta Photographer Of The Month: Amanda Nand (PHOTOS)

The Road Home Photo by Amanda Nand -- National Geographic Your Shot - Leaving Banff National Park

Navigating Taxes in the Senior Years

No one is immune from aging. If you want to age well there are more things to consider than diet, exercise, relationships and a zest for life.

How One Woman Escaped Forced Marriage and Thrived

At 23 years of age, Nasreen Sheikh radically redefines what it means to be a Nepali woman. She is a Sunni Muslim living in a predominately Hindu community and is the founder of a fair-trade sewing collective called Local Women's Handicrafts.

The Wind Energy Project That's a Sign of Things to Come

Musician Recreates Famous Waltz With The Sounds Of Wind Power

Having Friends Can Make You Healthy, New Study Finds

View Stock Photo of Smiling Women Holding Yoga Mats. Find premium, high-resolution photos at Getty Images.