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Wine & Roses Weigela

Must-have shrub for your garden: Wine & Roses Weigela- 'Wine & Roses' is a medium-size shrub with big impact. The dark purple foliage looks great from spring to fall and is decorated by pink flowers in spring and summer. Size: To 5 feet tall, 6 feet

Blue Oatgrass. 4ft

Blue Oatgrass - It's tough to beat blue oatgrass for a low-care plant with steel-blue color. It also has a wonderful mounded habit and won't spread and take over your garden.Growing Conditions: Full sun and well-drained soil Size: To 4 feet tall Zones:

Feather Reedgrass Karl Foerster grows up to 6 ft upright

Feather Reedgrass The most popular ornamental grass, feather reedgrass offers a distinct upright habit that looks fantastic all winter long. Like many grasses, this tough plant tolerates a wide range of conditions. Name: Calamagrostis 'Karl Foerster'

Meadow Sage Salvia Mat Night yes yes yes!

Meadow Sage: Meadow sage produces wonderful clusters of violet-blue flowers from midsummer to early fall. Name: Salvia 'May Night' Conditions: Full sun and well-drained soil Size: To 28 inches tall Zones:


Sedum There are hundreds of different sedum varieties available, and they are nearly all drought resistant. This variety, "Frosty Morn", has variegated leaves, and produces clusters of pink flowers in the fall. It grows to 18 inches tall.