Arrow rendering - Canada's CF-105 Avro Arrow

Canada's Avro Arrow_What should've been_If Gov were not cowards

Avro CF-105 Arrow (1959) Look at how big it was in comparison with the people! This aircraft was so advanced there was a lot of politics from America and here in Canada. The project was scrapped. Many of the engineers found jobs with NASA and Northrop and others. Alas! what might have been.

Avro Arrow: Lost models draw Arrowheads to search lake relentlessly

A crowd surrounds the Avro Arrow in a photo taken before the Canadian government abruptly ended the project and ordered the built planes destroyed.

1957 Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow

The Avro Arrow shown in flight in 1958 was designed to defend Canada against bomber attacks from the Soviet Union.

♂ aircraft design Avro CF-105 Arrows

RCAF Avro Arrow fighter jet- What should've been. An probably still better than the proposed junk

CF-105 Avro Arrow Sept 9,2012- The Harper Conservatives quietly dismissed a Canadian company's plan for an alternative to the plagued F-35 program. The alternative aircraft can fly 20,000 feet higher than the F-35, soar twice as fast and will cost less. The jet in question is the storied CF-105 Avro Arrow - the project designed, produced  tested more than half a century ago, before the government suddenly cancelled the program  ordered all data destroyed, sparking an enduring political…

Avro Arrow Sept 2012 - The Harper Conservatives quietly dismissed a…

Snowbirds over Avro Arrow Replica @ Downsview

Canadian Snowbirds performing over Avro Arrow Replica @ Downsview Ontario.

Avro Arrow

Model of Canadian innovative supersonic interceptor, the Avro Arrow. It surpassed all comparable planes. Why was it cancelled is still a state secret, the US pressured then PM John Diefenbaker to cancel the development of this revolutionary aircraft.

Avro Arrow -- Revolutionized the aircraft industry with utilization of Ti.

“ apostlesofmercy: “ The first Arrow built, at Avro’s Malton plant during testing - late ” Canada’s first and last home-build supersonic jet.

the Avro Arrow

A tribute video to the men and women of Avro and Orenda and what Canada could have achieved