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It's funny ... and then the very last line just twists the knife a little harder

I have never seen the Eragon movie. I haven't seen the Avatar the Last Airbender movie either, but I heard it was really bad. The Percy Jackson movies were horrible. From what I heard I think ATLA movie takes the prize for the worst.

quit blaming the children

Joking a side I can understand some people thinking this. I mean if Mabel hadn’t given Billendin the Rift, then Weirdmageddon wouldn’t have happen. But if Ford had allowed Dipper to tell Mabel about the Rift then, That wouldn’t have happen. BUT MAYBE Ford

SPOILERS FOR Weirdmageddon doodles. Bill Cipher is really freaking hard to draw I’m completely serious how do you emote with one eye and no mouth how HOW do they draw him I really liked the.


Gravity Falls - Weirdmageddon Opening Theme Song - HD<<<< all i can do right now is watch this over and over trying to comprehend what i just watched<<<< played backwards you hear Bill: "I'm watching you nerds.