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Armadillo Eggs - A Great BBQ Snack!  Armadillo Eggs    The measurements are by no means exact, as the recipe calls for the inclusion of jalapeno halves. Jalapenos vary in size and therefore your quantities are going to differ slightly with every batch.    Armadillo Eggs are best when cooked on a smoker, picking up the aroma and taste of the woods used for smoking. If this isn’t possible, try to cook them at a low temperature (roughly 250 degrees).         INGREDIENTS    3 pounds of Main…

Armadillo Eggs - A Great BBQ Snack! INGREDIENTS 3 pounds of Main Street Meats sweet sausage, outside of the casing 24 jalapenos 1 pound cream cheese 4 tbs raspberry jam 6 tbs BBQ rub ½ cup BBQ sauce

Craig is making this for dinner tonight, he already has the smoker fired up and the wood chips smoking.  Looks delish!

NEW: Check out the Secrets to the Perfect Smoked Boston Butt post for a detailed look on how to smoke a Boston Butt. When it comes to BBQ, nothing is better than a good smoked Boston Butt on the gr.

How to perfectly smoke a salmon. (for one day when I own a smoker haha)

Step by step instructions on how to smoke salmon at home. This recipe is for hot smoked salmon, and works with king salmon, sockeye, pink, chum or Atlantic salmon

Disneyland Famous Smoked Turkey Legs Recipe for a Meat Smoker

Disneyland Famous Smoked Turkey Legs Recipe for a Meat SMOKER ~ This recipe is as close to getting a Turkey Leg at Disneyland without actually going to the park!bro, you had me at "Smoked Turkey Legs", okay?

Stovetop smoker chicken thighs

Welcome to our smoked chicken thighs adventure on the Camerons Stovetop Smoker. Check out the results and you will want to get an indoor smoker to make delicious smoked food easily.