Using Legos...many lessons...teach about colors, patterns, and counting...A)with teaching colors ask kids to pick out a certain color of a Lego...B)with teaching patterns set up a pattern and have the kids copy....C)with teaching counting have the kids count how many bumps there are on the Lego and how many Lego pieces are in one bucket ( or some other container) Should make math fun Math Activities for Preschoolers: Learning With Legos - Simple Patterns

Lego Math Activities for Preschoolers

Contact Paper on Art Easel

Sorting activity for pattern/shape blocks. From Playfully Learning: Our Sticky Easel . I like the set up of the materials - sorting the pattern blocks into individual cups and the other side has yarn pieces sorted by color.

Thinking and Learning in Room 122: Our 2015 Learning Environment!

We are so excited about another year in Room We have worked hard to set up our classroom environment to be a 'third teacher' for ou.

A welcoming Reggio Pattern provocation invites Mathematical thinking with Recycled caps, buttons, etc. for Patterning with Loose Parts! (Via Instagram)

What a cool way to create interest in making patterns I love the example in the picture frame. Mathematical thinking with Recycled caps, buttons, etc.

Get your students excited about math with these hands-on math centers to teach patterning skills.

Engage your students with Hands On Patterning Centers and Ditch the Worksheets!

Get your kids excited with hands on math patterning math centers that will get them to think.

Five for Friday: May 6th - A Pinch of Kinder

I'm back to link up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday linky to share 5 teaching idea from this week!