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How your business budget should be done!
Creating a comprehensive budget is key to your business's success. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you build a robust 3-year monthly budget including a Profit & Loss (P&L) statement, cash flow budget, and balance sheet!
Which questions will help you create your perfect offer?
Crafting Your Perfect Offer: Ask These Key Questions! Ready to be profitable this summer? It's time to revamp your core offer! To help you get started, here are the five questions I always ask our clients when we dive into their unique proposition. Get these answers right!
How to continuously innovate + improve your offers
Ready to take your business to the next level? Let's embrace continuous innovation and improvement together! In today's fast-changing market, staying ahead means always evolving. How do you keep your offerings fresh, valuable, and competitive? Here are some tips to help you get started! Get ready to unlock the secrets to ongoing growth and customer satisfaction this summer!
Successful 6-figure Business Ideas
Dreaming of building a 6-figure business and taking control of your future? It’s time to turn those dreams into reality! Don’t stress (we get asked A LOT which business idea can generate 6-figure). Let’s find your next core offer to create a profitable business and explore how you can generate multiple 6-figure as a service-based business owner.
How and when to pivot as a service-based business
Every business journey has its twists and turns, and sometimes, the best way forward is to change direction. It could be the perfect moment to pivot your business if you’re noticing stagnant growth or shifting market trends. But how do you know when and how to make this crucial move? Do you know how to recognize the signs?
How to demonstrate your expertise through content
Unlock Your Expertise with Content! Ready to showcase your skills and dazzle your audience? It’s time to harness the power of CONTENT!
Stand Out, Shine Bright! In a world of choices, your unique selling proposition (USP) is your secret sauce! It's what makes you different, memorable, and irresistible amidst the crowd. A strong UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION cuts through the noise, grabs attention, and leaves a lasting impression. But it's more than just standing out—it's about offering real value that resonates with your audience. So, how do you create a killer UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION? Know your audience, study your competition, and embrace what makes YOU unique. Your UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION isn't just a tagline—it's the heart of your brand. Be bold. Be brave. Be uniquely YOU.
Everyone want to know what's your WHY?
Let's dive deep into the heart of entrepreneurship and explore that burning question... What's YOUR Why? As business owners, we're often asked about our motivation, driving force, and reason for embarking on this exhilarating journey. And you know what? It's a question worth pondering. Behind every successful business lies a powerful WHY, a purpose that fuels our passion and propels us forward, even in the face of challenges. So, why do we do what we do? For some, it's about making a difference and positively impacting the world around us. For others, it's the freedom and flexibility that entrepreneurship offers... the ability to chart our own course, pursue our passions, and live life on our terms. But here's the thing: Your WHY is personal and unique to you and your journey.
What we really do as business coach...
Did you know what we really do as a business coach? When working with a business coach, it’s really important that you know their responsibilities AND yours. Partnering with a business coach involves a shared understanding of responsibilities. It's not just about what they do; it's about what you bring to the table as well. Effective coaching thrives on collaboration and mutual effort. Make sure to save this post for when you work with a business coach!
4 easy steps to create freedom in your business
Are you ready to unlock more freedom and flexibility in your business Here are 4 simple steps to help you streamline your operations and focus on what truly matters. 💼🔥
How to be more profitable without increasing your prices
If you're looking for creative ways to increase your profit without increasing the price of your offers, here's what I recommend you do...
Valuation is your potential earnings when you sell your business
Have you ever wondered what your business is really worth? One day, all businesses get sold, given away, or liquidated one day. Planning for this inevitability is essential. Understanding your valuation prepares you for the future and maximizes your potential earnings when that time comes. Understanding and regularly assessing your business’s valuation is crucial. It empowers you to make strategic decisions, attract investment, and ultimately, ensure you get the most out of your hard work when the time comes to transition.
a quote that reads, repat after me building a profitable business is a marathon, not a sprint
Building a profitable business is a marathon, not a sprint!
Building a successful business isn't a race, it's a journey. It's about consistency, resilience, and the willingness to keep pushing forward, even when the going gets tough. Whether you're a startup founder, a small business owner, or an aspiring entrepreneur, remember that every step you take, every challenge you overcome, brings you closer to your goals. It's okay to stumble, to face setbacks, and to learn from your mistakes. In fact, it's all part of the process. What matters most is your ability to stay focused, stay determined, and keep moving forward, one step at a time. It's the result of hard work, dedication, and a steadfast commitment to your vision. So keep hustling, keep grinding, and remember that building a business is a marathon, not a sprint.
Hit your revenue goals!
Yup, you read that right! That's the power of a strategy! Our client hit her revenue goals within two weeks of her business being launched! How did the strategy we've created do this for her only in two weeks?? 1️⃣ Strategic Competitive Edge. A Unique selling proposition differentiates her from competitors, giving her a significant advantage. 2️⃣ Enhanced credibility. A user-friendly website fosters trust in visitors, making them more likely to navigate, find information, and purchase. 3️⃣ Effective Marketing Strategy. An email list comprising eager-to-purchase customers serves as a consistent source of recurring revenue. It's never to soon to start building that email list (even if you did not launched yet!)