I've never set foot in Iraq, but because my wife and I lived in Jordan before, during, and after the Gulf War, Iraq came to us, 100s of 1000s of Iraqis lived…
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a palm tree with the words iraq on their doorstep in front of an orange sky
a man standing in front of a window with a bird flying over his head and the words gully by association
A number of years ago Samir and I started writing his biography, Guilty by Association. He would write down notes in Arabic, I would translate those notes into English, and then we would sit for hours over coffee discussing how to present each segment of his life as we filled out the details. Well, we finally managed to finish the book and just released it through Amazon today, both as a paperback and a kindle e-book.
an aerial view of a palm tree plantation in the middle of a riverbed area
Iraq palm trees
an old building with a blue dome on top
Mosque in Baghdad
a large golden building with two domes on it's sides and blue sky in the background
Karbala, Iraq
many baskets filled with lots of fruit on the ground
Pomegranate harvest season in Dyala, Iraq
an old woman wearing a black hat and holding her hands to her face while looking at the camera
An old Iraqi Women - The face tells the story
an aerial view of a city with tall buildings and a dome shaped building in the middle
Bagdad la magnifique
an old woman wearing a black veil and looking at the camera with a smile on her face
Iraqi face
Iraqi face
a man holding a basket filled with bananas on top of a palm leaf covered tree
Never hesitate to tell the truth
there are several trays of food on the table
Never hesitate to tell the truth
Iraqi afternoon tea and Cookies “ Clecha & Chai.
there is a green sign that says welcome to kerbala in arabic and english
Never hesitate to tell the truth
an outdoor oven with food cooking on it
Iraq Pictures on X
A traditional Iraqi bread oven (Tanoor) التنور العراقي التقليدي
some food is cooking in a stone pot
Iraqi bread baking in Tannour .. Delicious !!
many pieces of food are on display in a market
In Iraq, halawa (Arabic: حلاوة‎) is typically the sesame or tahini-based form, which can be flavoured in various ways, and may include pistachios, almonds or chocolate.
a red and white sign with the words no 2sis
a poster with words and pictures on it that say we are in the middle of nowhere
a dust storm is coming in over the desert area with tents and buildings on either side
Home - oursurprisingworld
Iraq sandstorm.
ISIS burns 1,800-year-old church in Mosul. Middle East, Persecuted Christians, Islamic State, Persecution, Threat
ISIS burns 1,800-year-old church in Mosul
ISIS burns 1,800-year-old church in Mosul.
a woman is sitting in the pews of a church with her head resting on her hands
News from the Vatican - News about the Church - Vatican News
Iraqi Patriarch: For the first time in the history of Iraq, Mosul is now empty of Christians.
an outdoor cooking area with pots and pans on the ground, palm trees in the background
Iraqi Marshes, southern Iraq. Using a tanuur to bake bread خبز تنور،، أهوار العراق
the bbc news logo is shown on a red background with white letters that read,
In pictures: Exodus of Yazidis
In pictures: Iraq shrines destroyed
the cover of iraq on their doorstep by peter twele, with an image of people
Just published Iraq on Their Doorstep ...
an aerial view of a white building with blue and gold domes
Baghdad -Iraq جامع ام المعارك في الغزاليه بغداد
two men in traditional clothing standing next to each other on a postage stamp with the words iraq written below them
نادي الطوابع
Erbil Kurds
an aerial view of a large tower in the desert
The spiral minaret in Samarra city, Iraq.
an aerial view of a village in the water
Iraqi marsh (أهوار العراق)
an old building sitting on top of a hill next to a body of water
Most ridiculous dictator palaces [SLIDESHOW]
Saddam Hussein’s FORMER Babylonian palace on a hill above the Euphrates River in Iraq
cars are driving on the road under an overpass with metal beams and yellow dividers
Sarafiya bridge in Baghdad جسر الصرافيه في بغداد
many pieces of food are on display in a market
حلاوة halwah
an aerial view of some huts and animals in the grass near water with one person on a boat
Bouwstijlen voor de toekomst
Iraqi reed house neighborhood, built on a marsh."They made columns from the thick, giant rushes and gather 30-40 of them together to make pillars, and interweave them for a skeleton frame. They added reed mats, and even the decoration on the front of the homes is fancy lattice work made of the reeds. There's no glass, no nails, no wood." Even the islands the houses rest on are made of compacted mud and rushes.
palm trees are seen through an old stone wall
a white plate topped with fried rice and vegetables
376. Iraqi Biryani Rice
Maryams Culinary Wonders: 376. Iraqi Biryani Rice
a plate full of fried food with carrots, cucumbers and lemon wedges
Iraqi kubba
many people are standing around in front of an ornate building at night with lights on
1001Pragmatic: Daftar Situs Slot Online Gacor Maxwin
Karbala, the shrine of Imam Hussain (AS) and Imam Abbas (AS) in Iraq
an ornate building with a wooden door
Baghdad, Abbasid Palace
a group of people looking at books on the ground
Selling books on the streets of Baghdad ...
a man sitting on top of a pile of books next to a pile of books
An old bookseller in Baghdad
Baghdad Bookseller
a large rock formation in the middle of a desert
akarkuf, Iraq.
a large group of people surrounded by cucumbers
a man sitting at a table in a room with pictures on the wall
Bazaar Tea Shop - Erbil - Iraq
Bazaar Tea Shop - Erbil - Iraq
two people sitting on the ground in front of a building with intricately decorated walls
Dareeh Ali Mam Ali, An Najaf, Iraq
a large arch in front of a building with a flag on it
Baghdad بغداد
an intricately carved metal door with arabic writing on the doors and side panels
Islamic and Arabic calligraphy displayed on silver inner door of Imam AlKathum shrine in Kathimiyah-Baghdad.
an old building with a large dome on top
Mosque in Baghdad
a large staircase in the middle of a room with marble floors and stairs leading up to it
Palaces of Saddam Hussein (32 pics)
Palaces of Saddam Hussein (32 pics)
a large building with statues on top of it's sides and trees in the foreground
Old North end of Palace with Heads
Palace of Saddam Hussein
an ornate staircase in the middle of a building
Photography of Iraq inside Saddam's Palace during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Classy