A Wonderful Graphic Featuring The Importance of Music in Education ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

The University of Florida put together this infographic below on the Psychology behind music. According to the graphic, music actually involves more parts of

Elements of Music...could use with Smartboard and have kids fill in throughout the year. One file for each class.

Elements of Music resource: The resource is informative in terms of explaining the elements of music, it has listening activities that students can fill in, and would be effective in keeping students on task!

How to Read Music

Beg, Borrow, and STEAL

[MUSIC CLASSROOM] - Various music posters (how to read music, music room dynamics, assess yourself, etc.) pdf link is at the bottom of the page.

Music theory games and activities round-up by level

Off-the-bench Catalogue - Music Theory Games & Activities by Level

Find the perfect activity to get your piano students off-the-bench! These music theory games are organised by level & concept so you can find what you need.

And so I write...

Writing Music - don't write music, but the way it flows from a pencil & becomes an awesome part of your life is excellent :-)

Me at the piano!

20 Jokes Only Musicians Will Understand