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a group of people standing in the middle of a field with one person taking a photo
Extended Family Photography in Hamilton County Carmel Indiana
a group of people standing next to each other in front of some trees and bushes
Butterfield Extended Family Portraits | Northern Utah Family Photographer
an image of a heart with roses and the words 50 fun dates on it
50 FUN Date Ideas on the CHEAP!
a wooden table with a quote on it that says, a wise man noted that it was only in the past century that the word priority
Lead Your Family Like Jesus
What Are Your Family Priorities? Encouragement and wisdom on Leading Your Family like Jesus via @beautyandbedlam
a poster with the words 20 little things to make a big difference in your marriage
FREE Printable: 20 Little Things to Make a Big Difference in Your Marriage
20 little things to make a big difference
the printable list for classic movies to share as a family, includes glasses and an orange ribbon
111 Classic Movies to Share as a Family | Tricia Goyer
ust the other day I was looking for a movie to watch with a friend’s kids. They love High School Musical and all the new movies, but they watch those over and over again. Remembering the movies I loved as a kid–and ones my older kids loved–I started making a list of movies I’d love to share with my young friends. I also asked my Facebook and Twitter friends for input.
a man and woman sitting next to each other with text overlaying the image
Dating Your Husband: The Hows & Whys
Just like it says--great insights and practicals for dating your husband!
the 12 ways of a godly wife
The 12 Ways of a Godly Wife
The 12 Ways of a Godly Wife by Jolene Engle
a family birthday sign hanging on the wall with keychains and magnets attached to it
Great DIY Christmas gift! Super easy, just takes time!
a man and woman hugging each other with the words making a marriage work in front of them
Making a Marriage Work - Tricia Goyer
Making a Marriage Work
a collage of photos of a woman making funny faces
Home - Women Living Well
10 Creative Ways to say "I Love You" to Your Husband
a wooden sign that says in this family we work hard and keep our promisess
This item is unavailable - Etsy
Christian Family Rules Sign - I've always liked the Family Rules signs, I LOVE the idea of adding Scripture backing! I think this will be my Fall project!
two people standing in the middle of a field with text overlay that reads 25 tips i want to share with younger wives
25 Tips I Want to Share With Younger Wives
What does it take to build a beautiful marriage? What keeps you loving each other in the years to come? 25 Tips I Want to Share With Younger Wives