Things to be Thankful for. Join us on on Tuesdays and share in some gratitude.
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Chaos -


challenges that make me see things from a new perspective. It's refreshing really.

A Good Ol' Ass-Kicking -

A Good Ol' Ass-Kicking

Regular sessions with Karen means that I consistently get an ass-kicking from my guides. Its perfect because guides don't make you feel shame.

The Trees' Breeze -

The Trees' Breeze

Most days I believe there's nothing I'm more grateful for than the trees' breeze outside my bedroom window. I hear the spirits laughing and I .

Social Anxiety -

Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety -

Dancing In the Kitchen -

Dancing In the Kitchen

It is incredibly fun to dance with dead people in my kitchen. It fills me up with love.

For Writers -

For Writers

Writers of music have a special place somewhere between earth and the other worlds. They weave a kind of magical web connecting our minds, hearts and .

Animals -


Le topic des images étonnantes [faites pas les cons] - Page : 12367 - Loisirs - Discussions

Something Better -

Something Better

I'm so glad I didn't get everything I wanted. It turns out time has shown me that some of the things I wanted most in my life were no good for me.

Your Inanimate Loved Ones! -

Your Inanimate Loved Ones

You can't imagine the joy I get from talking to someone's favourite childhood stuffed animal.