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Birds and The Bees -

Birds and The Bees

Staring out the window at the birds & the bees this evening. Appreciating how hard they work.

The Best of 2017 - #7 - Mirror-Touch Synesthesia (EP 111) -

The Best of 2017 - #7 - Mirror-Touch Synesthesia (EP 111

Walking into a session with an individual who is a psychic, medium and medical intuitive does not give you free …

A New Love Declaration -

A New Love Declaration

Ervin Laszlo is an integral philosopher, system theorist, founder of the Club of Budapest, who brings a holistic perspective on the individual, society and the world. In this talk Ervin stresses the importance of Love for the world at large.

Office View -

Office View

Sometimes it's difficult to get outside on the nicest of days. So Karen planted this beauty right outside our office window for a lovely view!

Violence Against Women- A Men's Issue -

Violence Against Women- A Men's Issue

Song: Second Hand News Artist: Fleetwood Mac Because what better way to starting your week?

Dinner of Champions -

Dinner of Champions

Black bean and quinoa burger with beet pesto sauce topped with avacado and broccoli sprouts. Peach dressing for the salad.

Cupboards and Cuddles -

Cupboards and Cuddles

Every corner of the cupboards have been cleaned and its time for cuddles.

No Rest For The Wicked -

No Rest For The Wicked

Just kidding. We f^ love our jobs! Couldn't be more excited to continue bringing more podcasts to you- even if it means working on a Sunday!

Cookies -


Cookies are fun any day of the week. But we saved baking them for

Outdoor Office -

Outdoor Office

"Long-distance sessions are being done outside today. We are always grateful for an outdoor office on these bright sunny days!

Settling In -

Settling In

After the big move, Parker is settling right into his new apartment. Back to work tomorrow though!

Mother's Day Weekend -

Mother's Day Weekend

Spent Mother's Day weekend in Ottawa together witnessing the incomparable Jim Jefferies at the NAC and eating the most decadent cupcakes from .

Sunday Feast -

Sunday Feast

Good eats with wonderful friends.

Couch Snuggles -

Couch Snuggles

Couch naps and snuggles with the fur baby on this rainy Sunday.

Nutella -


Nutella -

New Teal Stools -

New Teal Stools

IKEA stools and spray paint on the deck on this warm, sunny day.