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The Loss of Intimacy -

The Loss of Intimacy

Crazy Empaths! -

Crazy Empaths

The ideal therapist doubts their professional skills, but loves themselves as a person

No -


Because I have boundaries an you are crossing them. And do not try to shame me into changing my no into a yest for your convenience.

Self-Preservation -


Abuse typically pushes us to withdraw from most areas of life. We might think our behaviours are isolated to the abuser, but they're not. We withdraw .

Real Freedom -

Real Freedom

Sure I spent 28 years in the marriage, but I'll spend hopefully over twice that amount of time living in my own freedom. Today is always a good day to .

Fill Yourself Up -

Fill Yourself Up

what is the treatment for type 2 diabetes

Mourning Our Colleagues -

Mourning Our Colleagues

Dont Sabotage Yourself By Being Lazy - Sabotage At Work Recovery Manual

What's Your Standard? -

What's Your Standard

The ideas of having all your ducks in a row is ridiculous. It's an unrealistic standard to be measuring yourself against - on that will.

A Kinder Choice -

A Kinder Choice

Having something to learn is easier and kinder to myself than having something to fear every day.

Physical Pain -

Physical Pain

Every time I've experienced physical pain, I've asked myself a question. What activity did I engage in to cause myself pain? What limitation do I need to .

Your Depression -

Your Depression

If you're consistently suppressed in your own thoughts, and in your own will power, in your own ability to think, then your brain stops functioning on .

Lay Off It -

Lay Off It

We create nervousness in people by laying them off (loss of job). In turn, we have a nervous workforce. Howe can employees be productive and nervous?

Eye Contact Control -

Eye Contact Control

Eye contact can be used by someone to gain control over another person; to assert control without using speech.

Not For the Reason You Think -

Not For the Reason You Think

Feeding the idea to people that 'everything happens for a reason' without informing them that sometimes that reason is because people are selfish.

Seeking a Medium -

Seeking a Medium

"It's never too soon to seek out the help of a medium when you have lost someone. Trust the medium and the spirit world to give you the messages that .