FOR DEBBIEEEEEE Unicorn Unicorns symbolize purity and grace. In ancient Greek culture, the unicorn's horn was said to have power to heal sickness. A meaningful dangle in sterling silver with a gold horn.

Effervescence, Purple Murano

The PANDORA Purple Effervescence Charm is made of Purple murano glass and features little bubbles and embedded CZs.

Effervescence, Pink Murano

Official Pandora Silver and Pink Fizzle Murano Charm from John Greed Jewellery. FREE UK Delivery Available. Shop entire collection online now!


Basketball - Represent you or your family's passion with this detailed sterling silver basketball. Pair with your favorite professional or little league team's colors and create a lucky charm bracelet to wear to every game.

Labrador Puppy

PANDORA Labrador charm in sterling silver with cubic zirconia set in a heart-shaped collar, the perfect charm for all dog lovers!

Chain Sterling Silver

Beautiful and authentic fine jewelry in thousands of designs and styles available now from Dropkicks Canada. We offer the most massive and amazing jewelry colle