Lawren Harris - Ice House, Coldwell, Lake Superior, 1923

Lawren Harris - "Ice House, Coldwell, Lake Superior", 1923 This is an incredibale painting.

Lawren Harris (Group of Seven)

art over mantel idea Algoma Reflections by Lawren Harris, Group of Seven. Oil on wood panel, x cm

Lawren Harris | Grounded Iceberg (Disco Bay), c.1932 | Oil on canvas, 80.0 x 101.6 cm, © Art Gallery of Ontario

Lawrence Harris "Grounded Iceberg (Disco Bay)" Oil on canvas, x cm, Art Gallery of Ontario

The Art Room: Lawren Harris

Lawren Harris Red House, Winter oil on canvas 88 x 103 cm 1925 Lawren Harris The Corner Store 1912 Lawren Harris Little .

Lawren Harris (Canadian 1885-1970) Group of Seven artist

Philip Koch, The Voyage, oil on canvas, 40 x NOT Lawren Harris, Canadian Group of Seven.

Lawren Harris - Shimmering Water, Algonquin Park.

Group of Seven artist Lawren Harris Shimmering water Algonquin Park, Canadian Group of Seven artists

Lawren Harris

Lawren Harris was a Canadian painter widely recognized for his stark, and sometimes abstract, landscapes of northern Canada and the Arctic Circle. He was a founding member of the Group of Seven, a.

Lawren Stewart Harris's Northern Painting 25

Canadian auction houses cautiously optimistic amid recent slow sales

A prized piece "Mountain Forms" from Canadian artist and Group of Seven member Lawren Harris could fetch between $3 million and $5 million at its live auction tonight in Toronto. The canvas could challenge the Canadian art record set in 2002 when Paul Kane's 1845 oil canvas "Scene in the Northwest - Portrait" sold for $5,062,500

Lawren Harris painting poised to break Canadian record: Mountain Forms almost sure to break record set by Paul Kane portrait, but question is who will buy it and from where?

Canadian painter Lawren Harris (Oct. 23, 1885 - 1970), member of The Group of Seven

Lawren Harris - "Ice House, Coldwell, Lake Superior", 1923 This is an incredibale painting.