FREE Set of Skip Counting Mazes 2-10

Here is another fun way for your Kindergarten, grade, grade, and grader can practice skip counting with these FREE fun maze worksh

Repeating Patterns, Number sequences, Finding a Rule in a Table, Equations under the Sea, Comparing Expressions (All Under the Sea theme)

This resource is labeled for grades but if you're using Everyday Math, this shows up in late first grade. Would be a nice challenge activity for advanced students!

Perfect for math centers! Prompt your students to extend growing patterns with unifix cubes using these task cards! Any questions, just ask. :) Check out my other Growing Pattern resource: Growing Pattern Task Cards - Part 2 (with pattern blocks)

These interactive task cards are perfect for reviewing number patterns with your grades 1's, grades 2's, and grades 3's. Students complete the engaging task cards on their handheld devices or on the computer. Students read and review increasing, decreasing, and repeating number patterns. For the younger grades, students will practice growing and shrinking number patterns up to 100.