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When you took the upcoming dance proposal just a little too far. | 21 Awkward Situations We All Survived In HighSchool

Funny pictures about The most creative prom invitation. Oh, and cool pics about The most creative prom invitation. Also, The most creative prom invitation.

Fun Facts

I had a psychic who used playing cards, not tarot cards, to give me a reading. Old School. well i never thought of it like that

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If anyone watches vlogbrothers like I do, you'd know this because John says it in a Question video. He also said she was in the middle of swimming and drowning. I'm in between swimming and drowning in my tears. Mostly drowning.

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I saw many of "grenade" stuff which i'm not sure i'm familiar with. now that I have re-read the book, I totally get it now. I love it how Hazel was going to be a grenade but Augustus turned himself to be. but the sad part is they never ended happily.

True story.

Funny Confession Ecard: When I go out in public looking like crap I throw on a pair of tennis shoes hoping that everyone will assume I've been working out.