Type of source: Chinese children Date or This picture has to do with the Chinese exclusion act when Canada didn't let any Chinese in unless they were students, or doing business. The Chinese call July the "Humiliation day.

Native girls packing pineapple into cans. - NARA - 522863 - Hawaii - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

150 years ago, Chinese railroad workers staged the era's largest labor strike

On June thousands of Chinese railroad workers staged a strike to demand equal pay to white laborers, shorter workdays, and better conditions.

A Great Depression sign in the A lot of economic problems in the Due to the Great Depression people were moving cross the country in order to find work. It was the longest depression ever.

#8 Second Generation: SHAWN WONG Second generation Chinese American Shawn Wong. My mother would wear Chinese dresses, cheong sams, says Wong in the documentary. My mother and father would speak Chinese to each other at home, and, and here I am, this little boy. I wanted to be, you know, Willie Mays. I wanted to be Roy Rogers.

An Invisible Generation

Generation: Bridge Generation young men posing at a wedding reception in Livingston in Note the band members on break in the background, also BG contemporaries, who provided swing/jazz music for dancing. (Photo courtesy of Peter Jamero)

Module 3 Pinterest Project Filipino vs Chinese Americans

Strikes: Remembering the Manongs and Story of the Filipino Farm Worker Movement