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Caitlin Tuba

Caitlin Tuba
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Ice breaker bingo in the artroom.  Could modify for homeschool with art/artist/art history

Ice breaker bingo in the artroom. KOA bingo like. write impressionist, themes, etc and call out artist names to get students engaged/ thinking but still fun

Ice Breakers activities for the first day back!

Middle school ice breakers- Middle schoolers can be awkward, 'too cool,' quiet, and difficult. These ice breakers will help with introductions at the beginning of the year.

4-Corners IceBreaker: A Learning Inventory with a Twist! (free)

We all know that heading back to school can be a tough adjustment for our littlest learners. It just happens to be the time when we inundate our students with getting to know you activities and learning inventories that keep our students chair-bound!