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Caleb Van Someone

Caleb Van Someone
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72 Fan-Made Film Posters - From Defaced Film Posters to Zombified Movie Homages (TOPLIST)

This poster if for the Batman the Dark Knight move. The jokers face and the playing card he is holding are light colored over a dark background. The Batman is black inside all the white drawing the eye to it.

13 tasty bacon recipes and lots of bacon fun!

Bacon Wrapped Sushi - This faux “Japanese” dish will change the way you eat authentic sushi…forever! Replacing the thin Nori wrapper with fatty strips of bacon does violate the sushi law, but who the heck cares? This tasty treat serves as a meal in itself

firecracker sushi roll

Haylee and I are craving sushi so we hit up a place we haven’t been to before and is right by our house, Bonsai Sushi ( Haylee loves the volcano roll (baked diver scallops, smothered over Cal…