Magazine Art -- Making faces using features cut out of magazines: The blog post is not written in English, but you can figure out the how tos from the pictures!

29 Of The BEST Crafts & Activities For Kids (Parents love these, too!) Magazine Art -- 29 creative activities for kids that adults will actually enjoy doing, too! Really want great hints concerning arts and crafts?

bricolage facile  pour la Saint Valentin avec votre petit

Bricolage facile pour Saint Valentin: faites participer vos enfants

Toilet paper rolls are those items that we use every day. Instead of just throwing those empty toilet paper tubes out, we can repurpose them as creative crafts for kids or home decoration. Here are Homemade Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for your inspiration.

Heart Tissue Paper by Number by Crayon Box Chronicles

Top 10 des bricolages de St-Valentin