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Cookie Dough Fudge Brownies

Cookie Dough Fudge Brownies - Thick fudge brownies covered in delicious eggless cookie dough. Cookie Dough Fudge Brownies are totally rich, decadent, and combine two of my favorite desserts in one delicious treat!

Recipe: Healthy Breakfast Hash (with Canadian bacon, corn, spinach & egg) - greenlitebites

Breakfast hash: 1 cup frozen shredded potatoes or "hash browns" slices of sweet onion chopped 1 tbsp real bacon bits 1 slice of Canadian bacon cubed about of a red bell pepper chopped 1 handful of baby spinach leaves chopped 1 egg beaten

Pink Panther 350Z

Wheels & Tires - So i decided to go with HOT PINK. - Needs pink tints.and maybe a pink diffuser lol.

HEALTHY AND YUMMY!!!!!!!! Another great FRESH STRAWBERRY RECIPE.. SHARE TO YOUR WALL!  Healthy Ice Cream Sandwich.... Can it get any better than this!!! I'm in HEAVEN!!!  1. Blend Greek yogurt and FRESH strawberries (or fruit of you choice) 2. Apply a thick coat to graham crackers and make sandwich 3. Freeze.

Healthy Ice Cream Sandwich: Ingredients: Graham crackers, Greek yogurt, and strawberries. Blend Greek yogurt and strawberries Apply a thick coat to graham crackers and make sandwich Freeze and enjoy! (changed this from cool whip to Greek yogurt)