This is a game that is fun for the beginning of the year. The kids have to find someone different to sign in each box. Perfect idea for each class at the beginning of the year to meet new classmates.

[Rentrée] Questionnaire « attentes de l’année »

Mots mélés de la rentrée

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La rentrée scolaire - Je me présente - Me voici - All about me - Back to school

it's an ongoing challenge. This eye-catching poster sums it up nicely and is easy for students to remember. For older students upgrade the poster to by adding two more criteria.

Back to School Math All About Me (Get to Know You) First Day Upper Grades

My Life in Numbers or Math All About Me, is a wonderful tool that can be used as a Back to School Activity, in a Math-Center, or any whole class instruction time. This activity allows students to explore math concepts that surround them everyday!

French Back-to-school Lapbook EMOJI: the perfect activity for "la rentrée"! This French lapbook has writing prompts, foldable flaps, and more – with lots of emojis :D This "find someone who." with emojis will win your students over ;