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six cookies with white frosting and sprinkles on the top are arranged in a circle
Frosted Gingerbread Cookies With Cream Cheese - Cake Babe
Frosted Gingerbread Cookies With Cream Cheese - Cake Babe
small white houses on a tray with a candle in front of them and a christmas tree
three small white houses with christmas lights on the windowsill and trees in front of them
3 Zutaten Haferflocken-Rosinen-Kekse (ohne Mehl, Eier, Zucker, Butter oder Ol)
a basket filled with books and gifts on top of a fur covered floor next to christmas lights
A Hygge Gift Basket That'll Make Someone Snuggly this Winter
two martinis with santa claus in the background and text overlay that reads, santa claus - metropolitan
Santa Claus-Mopolitan: A signature holiday drink
two glasses filled with water and some cranberries
The Mistletoe Kiss (Christmas Cocktail)
a red bowl filled with gingerbread truffles
No Bake Gingerbread Cookie Truffles Recipe
green crinkle cookies with red hearts and powdered sugar on top, next to a glass of milk
Grinch Crinkle Cookies
These easy to make Grinch Crinkle Cookies are perfect for your Christmas cookie tradition. This recipes uses a cake mix, which is great for kids that are just learning how to bake. Dr. Seuss himself would approve of these green cookies with the tiny red heart inside - a heart that is two sizes too small! #cookies #Christmas #recipe
a christmas tree made out of grapes, kiwis and cheese on a wooden platter
Christmas Tree Charcuterie Board