"My school bulletin board for the month.  We wrote "I Wish" poems then took pictures like we were blowing a dandelion.  We cut them out and pasted them next to a dandelion that we made out of yarn and sticks.  The kids loved it."

cute "i wish" writing activity. Take photos of children pretending to blow dandelion, then use art project of yarn and sticks for actual dandelion. so cute for poetry unit :) spring bulletin board

hand painted rock owls...

Hand Painted Rock Owl by thecarolinejohansson on Etsy

Hand painted rock owls for the garden, paper weight, fun gift or whatever. they are just so cute!


DIY: Colored Pencil Jewelry - maybe just make the beads for the kids to glue or make just the first necklace?

Christmas CD Ornaments

Christmas Craft Old CD-turned-disco ball ornament, plus 24 other fantastic DIY Christmas ornament ideas


5 Easy Ways to Make a Mustache

Mustache on a Stick. It would be fun to do a photo booth at girls camp with lots of props like future husband stuff etc (Lorax mustaches?

art lessons for kids

poppy mixed media project {file under: art} Use poppy idea for Remembrance Day wreath?