Beef and Pasta Recipes

Pasta is always a family favourite and when you add in Canadian Beef it will be sure to please. You won't have to ask them twice to come to the table.
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Air-fried Beef and Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushroom Bites
Here’s a new take on stuffed mushroom hors d’oeuvres, filled with the classic combination of beef and blue cheese. The air fryer cooks these up in just minutes to juicy perfection. Note: Cook times suggested are based on a counter-top family-size air fryer**; times will vary with different appliances so always check for doneness with a reliable digital instant-read thermometer and texture cues and adjust cook time as necessary. Ground beef is done when the thermometer reads 160°F (71°C).
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Cincinnati Chili
Cincinnati Chili is a soupier version compared to traditional chili and has Mediterranean/Greek seasonings such as cinnamon, allspice and paprika. It is also made without beans and is served over spaghetti topped with diced white onion and lots of shredded Cheddar. A dish originating by immigrants to Cincinnati, it is often used to top hot dogs (as Coney dogs) and can be served with oyster crackers.
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Florentine Beef and Cheese Stuffed Shells
The two-pan plan... Although this recipe may seem a bit fussy, it makes two pans, so you can bake one for the kids right away and refrigerate the other to bake for your Date Night Dinner while they watch their favourite Harry Potter movie. Serve theirs with a glass of milk and some veggies and dip and yours with a side-salad of baby greens dressed with balsamic vinaigrette (using their veggie and dip leftovers to add to your salad of course!) And don’t forget your glass of ‘red’ – you deserve it
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No-Bake Beef and Veggie Lasagna
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Teriyaki Noodles with Beef
There are oodles of noodles and veggies in this heart-healthy one-dish dinner. If sodium content is a concern, you can use Lea Perrins or sodium-reduced soy sauce instead of regular soy sauce.
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Beef and Pasta Pronto
An easy, satisfying dinner recipe that's perfect for every-night cooking. Beef is what makes Beef and Pasta Pronto best!
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Beef and Pasta Florentine
This crowd pleasing dinner-in-one casserole recipe is perfect when you have many at the table — a snap to make, easy to serve and faster to cook than a frozen lasagna. PLUS – you get all four food groups in this one dish, so good nutrition just takes care of itself. Lean Ground Round delivers BIG BEEF flavour as well as 14 essential nutrients including all five B-complex vitamins.
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Mediterranean Beef and Pasta Bake
Not your typical Mac’ n’ Beef or Shipwreck Casserole, this recipe for Mediterranean Beef Pasta Bake makes hearty and healthy go hand-in-hand. If pressed for time, skip the baking and use as a stove-top dish.
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Beef Greek Lasagna
With oven-ready noodles and Big Batch Beef, this recipe pulls together in a snap! If you want to skip making the Big Batch Beef, use 1 lb (500 g) fresh ground beef, browned with 1 EACH onion and clove garlic, minced.
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So-Simple Meat Sauce (or a Rich Romantic Ragoût)
All dressed up with just a few pantry ingredients and the kids so-Simple Meat Sauce becomes a Rich Romantic Ragoût! Talk about chemistry, the alchemy of anchovy, tomato, black olives and red wine combine to bring ground sirloin’s beefy flavour to the forefront – a potent combination to tease taste buds and brighten the senses.