Classic Beef Recipes

Homemade meals provide many happy memories and classic recipes provide us comfort. Here are twelve classic beef recipes that we think everyone should know how…
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two tacos on a plate with lime wedges
Skillet Steak Tacos
Quick, easy and delicious! The Mexican street-food classic starts with a simple citrus marinade and steak with bold beef flavour. You can also use Sirloin Tip or Skirt Steak instead of the Flank Steak
two sloppy joe sandwiches on a plate with pickles
Classic Stove-top Sloppy Joes
This family favourite is a perfect weeknight meal. Serve in the classic style with potato chips and dill pickles, or how about a side salad or veggies and dip to make a better-for-you meal?
stuffed bell peppers with meat and vegetables in a casserole dish on a red and white checkered tablecloth
Classic Oven-baked Stuffed Peppers
Tender sweet peppers stuffed with a delicious mixture of beef, rice, cheese and tomatoes makes a healthy, simple meal the whole family will love!
two tacos on a plate with salsa and lettuce
Meat Loaf Tacos
Tacos bring fun to the dinner table and are tops with kids–just mention tacos and watch their smiles grow. This recipe is a twist on both classic tacos and classic meat loaf. With a meat loaf slice for the filling, these tacos are neat to eat and easy for children’s hands to hold.
two slices of meatloaf on a white plate next to a cup of coffee
Classic Meat Loaf with Tomato Glaze
This traditional meat loaf recipe is oozing with flavour and is moist and tender–just like mom used to make. The tangy tomato glaze is what makes it a classic!
a casserole dish filled with meat and cheese
Classic Baked Beef Enchiladas
This recipe looks so impressive and tastes so great that they’ll think you’ve taken a day off just to make dinner! It’s perfect for any night of the week.
a white plate topped with pasta covered in mushroom sauce
Stove-top Beef Steak Stroganoff
This classic recipe is made with a quick sauté of tender steak and perfectly-browned mushrooms, all tossed together with the richest, savoury, garlicky cream sauce. Served over egg noodles, it’s total comfort.
there are three tortillas with meat and vegetables on the plate
Classic Skillet Beef Fajitas
So easy to make, you’ll wonder why you wait to eat this steak classic at a restaurant, when you can just make it at home for dinner any day of the week. Made with beef, peppers, onions and served with warm tortillas and topping–a family favourite!
two bowls filled with food sitting on top of a wooden table
Classic Stove-top Mac n’ Beef
This is a great dish to make ahead, keeps well in the refrigerator for 3ays. Don’t have any elbow macaroni? Any medium pasta shape will work just as well.
a white bowl filled with meat and veggies next to chopsticks on a mat
Beef Asian Bowls with Oven Roasted Veg
This dish has an intense flavour. It’s not very saucy, but still juicy and really delicious! Add this simple and quick dish to your weeknight meal plan rotation.
two bowls filled with noodles, broccoli and beef on top of an orange place mat
Classic Beef & Broccoli Stir-fry
Everybody’s favourite –with ramen! Ready in 30 minutes, this is a classic dish the whole family will enjoy.
a white plate topped with mashed potatoes and meatballs
Classic Swedish Meatballs
Enjoy this Ikea classic from the comfort of your home! They’re easy to assemble yourself following the simple instructions below. Serve over hot, creamy mashed potatoes or egg noodles.