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Farmer + Selfie and a Farm Animal

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Great #Feflies - Jill Burkhardt @Crookedlakecows Farm Animals, Farmer, Riding Helmets, Beef, Meat, Farmers, Steak

Jill Burkhardt on Twitter

Great #Feflies - Jill Burkhardt @Crookedlakecows

Great #Felfies Amanda Brodhagen Farm Life, Farm Animals, Amanda, Beef, Meat, Steak

Amanda Brodhagen 🇨🇦 on Twitter

Great #Felfies Amanda Brodhagen

Great #Felfies Julia Smith @OntAgucator Julia Smith, Farm Animals, Cow, Beef, Seasons, Meat, Seasons Of The Year, Cattle, Steak

Julia Boese on Twitter

Great #Felfies Julia Smith @OntAgucator

“ a quick shot with the momma of 2014 while watching over her new baby! Farm Animals, Kara, New Baby Products, Beef, Twitter, Meat, Steak

Kara Enright on Twitter

Great #Felfies Kara Enright @EnrightCattle

“Missing warmer weather when I could do pasture checks in a sweater! Farm Animals, Beef, Meat, Steak

Emily Bromley on Twitter

Great #Felfies - Emily Bromley @Emily Bromley

“Just another day in the barn, hanging out with the girls Farm Animals, Hanging Out, Beef, Fictional Characters, Meat, Fantasy Characters, Steak

Elizabeth Johnston on Twitter

Great #Felfies - Elizabeth Johnston @Emily Johnston

“Brought Alexander out to meet the cows today! Cows, Farm Animals, Farms, Celtic, Beef, Couple Photos, Couples, Twitter, Meat

Celtic Ridge Farms on Twitter

Great #Felfies - Celtic Ridge Farms @celticridgefarm