A great way for every teacher to be an effective teacher, which of these guidelines would you say you agree with most?

Effective Instructional Practices (Task 27 Characteristics Of Highly Effective Teachers. This poster offers many different ways to be an effective teacher. This could be a nice reminder for things to do outside of just teaching them content.

Deep Culture Topics in the foreign language classroom

Culture - The Cultural Iceberg, showing aspects of surface culture and deep culture that stem from your cultural heritage. Really cool way to demonstrate how deep someone's culture is and how deeply rooted things are that make us different!

4 Directions Teachings

There are a bunch of audio recordings of Aboriginal elders (from Blackfoot, Cree, Ojibway, Mohawk, and M'ikmaq nations) giving traditional teachings. It's an easy way to insert an authentic Aboriginal voice into a lesson.

CBC article with list of 10 children's books related to residential schools.  Descriptions & suggested grade levels.

10 books about truth and reconciliation to read with your kids

10 books about residential schools to read with your children. More and more children will be reading stories about the legacy of residential schools and reconciliation in the classroom this year.

Christopher Columbus: What Really Happened

An animated video detailing the four voyages of Christopher Columbus. Students will connect their reading with this video and see how facts line up. Critical thinking skills will be used. ~Christina W.

▶ We Were Children - YouTube

We Were Children Trailer - teaching kids about the sad past of Native American residential schooling in Canada

Living Sky School Division No. 202 - Treaty 6 Game

Living Sky School Division No.

Metis Culture site

Metis Culture site


The Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture

Native Studies 30

Native Studies 30

online Cree dictionary

Cree Dictionary: Miyo Wahkohtowin Community Education Authority (MWCEA) and Dr. Center for Culture & Health Family Medicine, University of Alberta (U of A) are partnering to develop a web based interactive First Nations language portal.