Pour écrire une bande dessinée

**All my kiddos want to do is comics** FREE COMIC STRIP TEMPLATES~ Great for kids to color, cut out, and glue to create their own comic strips.

Jeu MOV - Entraînement de la mémoire orthographique visuelle

Jeu MOV – entraînement de la mémoire orthographique visuelle et de la mémoire de travail

Vocab game: list out with numbers on board these directions, then give pairs of students dice. One student picks a vocab word, the other rolls the dice and completes the challenge.

Ecrire une histoire en 4 jours

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Reluctant Writer's Story in Four Days (tips/games)

Fiches sons CE1

Un petit dernier pour la phonétique. I'm loving these advanced sound word lists and tongue twisters. Maybe for my francophone students?

Les dés à histoire

Les dés à histoire

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Drawing Conclusions with Officer Buckle

Drawing Conclusions with Officer Buckle

Working with syllables -tion &-ture with a little help from Action Al and Adventure Ed! Movie genre themed centers and a "feature presentation" writing craft!