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two people are hugging each other in front of an old photo with the words, to the world you may be one person but one person you may be the world unknown
Merry Christmas! - Chic Vintage Brides
an old photo of two people kissing each other
an old black and white photo of a man kissing a woman in front of a car
--the little handwritten snippet at the top just brought a lump to my throat-- by brandon.norris.
an old black and white photo of two people hugging on the side of a road
That Sentimental Feeling
Jean Ann and Bill in 1942... Don't know who these people are but I absolutely love how real this photo is and the happiness it radiates. Cheers...
an old photo of two people kissing on the beach
ARgENTUM ~ LOVER #12become1 #ARgENTUM #archetypes FAIRE REVENIR L'ÊTRE AIMÉ GRACE A @Maraboutbalogoun tel: 00229 62 19 00 14
an old man and woman kissing in the rain on a city street with a train passing by
pictures - Humour Actualités Citations et Images
"L'amour ressemble à l'amitié : il en est, pour ainsi dire, la folie..." Sénèque
black and white photograph of two people sitting in a chair with bookshelves behind them
Five By Five
pinterest : kristinmillardd
an old photo of two people sitting on a bench kissing each other with the sky in the background
a man and woman sitting on the ground with an umbrella over their heads, both holding each other
a man and woman kissing each other in front of a black and white photo with writing on it
— I don’t miss this, I crave this with the right...
two women sitting on the edge of a fountain talking to each other while holding papers
Kiki Sloane
an image of a naked woman with her hands on her chest
That moment when love, intense and godlike in its power to overwhelm any natural cycle, stills the avalanche of fire, puts lust in abeyance, and you find yourselves locked, hands frozen, utterly content to hang suspended without quenching the fire, because you are wrapped inextricably in each other...I've only known that with one man @Chris Cote Cote Greenman