Oratoire Saint-Joseph, Montreal, Canada... biggest church I've been to, aside from churches in Italy

Montreal, Canada Oratoire Saint-Joseph - From Old Montreal via Boulevard Ville-Marie/Autoroute 720 W c'est 17 min km


I would just love to wake up to this landscape. Returning to the inner light (lumière intérieure) in Pont-Rouge, Quebec, Canada

Our national animal: the beaver

No it's not a slang word for vagina, it's Canada's national animal. Bottom line: beavers are a noble and majestic rodent. Yes, I just called a beaver majestic. They are resourceful, cute and damn smart. Respect the beaver people.

Olympic Stadium, Stade Olympique Montreal... I still cant believe i went up that high!

The Montreal Biodome is a facility located in Montreal that allows visitors to walk through replicas of four ecosystems found in the Americas. The building was originally constructed for the 1976 Olympic Games as a velodrome.

McGill University in Montreal, by kefa 彡, via Flickr

McGill University in Montreal. In my books, Rishi--Lora Weaver's self-appointed French tutor--goes to McGill. Born educator, that one;

Bonhomme -- ambassador to the Quebec City Winter Carnival

Wanderlust Wednesday: Québec Winter Carnival

French-Canadian heritage. Am proud to have heritage from Quebec!

Maternal Grandfather of French Canadian descent French Canadian Emigration to the United States

Gare Windsor. IMG_2921 by tracktwentynine, via Flickr

Montréal From the age of 0 - 4 I used to leave Montreal by this station to spend the summer in Saint Andres by the Sea in New Brunswick

Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal by Blake Gumprecht, via Flickr

Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal Expect to see apparitions of former patients dating all the way back to the Hear phantom footsteps down the hospital corridors. Buzzers go off in empty rooms.

Park La Fontaine, Montreal LOVE !

Project 365 – Day 334: The first covering of snow