Join me for a No Spend Month! Here are some tips to help you prepare.

How to get ready for a no spend month challenge

A no spend month is a great way to save a ton of money. But you can't just dive in and expect it to work. Here's how to prepare for a no spend month.

Canadian Coin Unit! Full colour and black and white clipart on almost every page!

This one is for all you Canadian teachers out there. a 164 page unit on teaching Canadian money. For me, money is one of the hardest math.

Classroom tips and projects for elementary school, middle school, and high school. Teaching resources. Clip art.

All about Canada!

Canadian Coin Recognition

Introduce and practice recognizing basic Canadian coins: penny, nickle, dime and quarter.

Canadian Money Dominoes

Help reinforce what your students have been learning about counting money with a dominoes game! Includes 21 domino cards using Canadian coin clip art. Students practice matching up a numerical value with an equivalent coin value. Good for groups of

Canadian Money Worksheets - Counting Coins !

Canadian Money Worksheets / Printables / Kindergarten / Grade One / Grade Two

Canadian Money Worksheets - Counting Coins !

Canadian Money Unit. This resource contains a variety of activities that will help students play with money.

Canadian Money

Canadian 3 part cards coins and banc notes images. Perfect for our upcoming Canada unit study.

"Making Montessori Ours": Canadian Currency 3 part Cards Free Printable & Great Currency Learning Materials